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PhD news and events


Wed 22 Nov
14:15-16:30 | Auditorium 201, building 1632, University campus (AIAS)
PhD Defence: Müge Özbek Akçay
Phenomenology and functions of episodic counterfactual thinking in relation to remembering and future thinking
Fri 01 Dec
13:15-15:30 | Auditorium A1, building 1333, University campus
PhD Defence: Katherine W. Panattoni
Personal and vicarious life stories in romantic couples
Wed 06 Dec
15:15-17:30 | Auditorium 455, building 1342, University campus
PhD Defence: Marie Kirk
Autobiographical Memory in Alzheimer’s Disease
Tue 12 Dec
14:00-15:30 | Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, room 414, building 1351.
Are you thinking about doing a PhD?
If you are thinking about doing a PhD at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, please come to the PhD programme information meeting.


2017.05.08 | Aarhus BSS

PhD graduates create value in the private sector

PhD graduates from Aarhus BSS have a great deal to offer the business community as they are able to solve complicated problems that require a great analytical and methodological overview. These are the words of Per Baltzer Overgaard, who is the vice-dean for research and talent development at Aarhus BSS.