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Funding methods

Enrolment in a PhD programme requires prior funding approval from the head of the Graduate School. Several funding methods are available. Only the first method mentioned below implies employment by the university as a PhD student.

  • Employment (enrolment including grant) at the main academic area
  • Business partnership: Enrolment on these terms requires a funding agreement (signed contract), including a payment profile, between the Graduate School and a private or public organisation/company.
  • Self-funded: Enrolment on this term requires a funding agreement (signed contract), including a payment profile, with the PhD student to be enrolled.

Employment (internally or externally financed scholarships)

If you meet the admission requirements for enrolment at the Graduate School, you can apply for a 3 or 4 year scholarship. This option is mainly intended for applicants with a Master's degree (3 years) and for applicants with a Bachelor’s degree + 1 year of Master’s studies (4 years). In addition, PhD positions might be available based on scholarships supported by externally financed research projects. These are usually advertised at the same time as the 2 general calls every year in March-April and September-October.

Business partnership

If a company wishes to carry out and finance a research project, possibly in combination with a PhD programme planned for and taking place in the company, the Graduate School is ready to assist in the realization of such a project. Such a project is bound by the applicable Ministerial Order on the PhD Course of Study and on the PhD Degree.

In this case it is a precondition for the involvement of the Graduate School that it can vouch for the scientific quality of the project, that the PhD student lives up to The Graduate School’s PhD admission requirements, that the Graduate School has the necessary supervisory capacity, and that under the agreement made the costs incurred by the Graduate School through its involvement in the project and the assessment/defense of the PhD dissertation are covered. For the time being (2013) the tuition fee is DKK 102,600 per year for at least 3 years.


If you meet the admission requirements of the PhD programme, it is possible to be enrolled as a self-funded PhD student. As of 1 January 2013, the tuition fee is DKK 102,600 per year for at least 3 years + the student's living expenses during the period of enrolment.

Self-funded PhD students must meet the same requirements as regards the contents of their PhD programme as ordinary PhD students.