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For Participants

1. General information


As a participant you have the opportunity to participate in studies, earn some rewards and contribute to scientific knowledge created in the modern research environments at Aarhus University. Researchers of Aarhus University are dependent of participants in their research and your contribution is highly appreciated by them.

Types of experiments

Experiments fall within the broad range of examining human behaviour and cognition. We conduct studies that investigate perception, decision making and problem solving, to name but a few areas. We also conduct qualitative studies, such as surveys, focus groups and interviews. Most but not all studies will involve using a computer. Some studies are in English and some are in Danish. Each study is well described on our participation site, and you always have the option to contact the respective research team should anything be unclear. 


Studies are typically conducted at COBE Lab (Fuglesangs Allé, Aarhus V) but because researchers associated with the Lab come from all four faculties of Aarhus University, there are studies that take place at various other locations. The net result is that we offer participants interesting and diverse studies. We also offer online experiments, that can be taken from the comfort of your own home! 


All students and members of the public aged 18 or above have the opportunity to contribute to research by becoming participants, and at the same time earn money or other rewards. 

How to sign up

You can sign up as a participant here. 

2. How to participate

All you have to do is create an account on our online participation system. Subsequently, you can browse and sign up for studies that interest you. Here is a step-by-step guide of what to do:

  • To sign up as a participant, simply click 'Sign up here'.
  • You will then be taken to our research participation system. Click 'Request Account' (see image below) and follow the instructions. You will receive an email with login information.

  • Once you have created an account and logged in, you will be presented with your rights as a participant of COBE Lab. Please read these carefully and click "Yes" once you have read and agreed to our terms (see image below).
  • On condition that you accept the terms described above, you will be presented with a short three-minute survey. Questions are mainly demographic (e.g., age, gender, language skills). You only complete the survey the first time you log in. 
  • You will then be able to see the available studies. Find more information about a specific study by clicking on the name of the study. 
  • Browse and sign up for studies. Each study will provide a brief description, location information, details of the reward and contact information of the lead researcher, in case you have any questions or concerns. Most of our studies take place at the Lab, but we also run online studies and experiments in other locations around Aarhus, and beyond.
  • Download the participant system app for iOS and Android devices in order to browse and sign up for studies from your smartphone or tablet. For further instructions, see section 'Mobile app for iOS and Android devices' below.

3. Remember your identity (ID) code

Researchers at COBE Lab do not know you by name or your email address. They only know you by an Identity Code (ID Code). 

When you sign up for a study, the researchers of that study will see only your ID Code. It is therefore extremely important that you remember your ID Code. When you attend the study you will be asked for you ID Code. Please note this is not the same as your User ID. 

Your ID Code is generated by the Cognition and Behavior Lab Participation System automatically, and not by you. You can not change your ID Code.

To find your Identity (ID) Code:

  1. Log in to the participant system with your User ID (not ID Code) and password. 
  2. Click My Profile in the upper right (see below image).
  3. You will see a four or five digit number corresponding to Identity Code. Underneath this number it is stated "Researchers will see only this code, and never your name". This is your ID Code. In the below example you will that the ID Code is 9724. If you have any questions please mail
  4. When you sign up for a study you will receive an email confirmation. Your ID Code can also be found in this email confirmation. 

4. Payment

Types of payment

Depending on the study, you will be rewarded either in cash, by electronic bank transfer, by receiving a gift voucher/cinema ticket or by receiving an item such as a bottle of wine. 


In order to receive payments we require you to have a Danish social security number (called a CPR number).

Furthermore, in order to receive payments via electronic bank transfer, it is strongly recommended that you have a Danish bank account and a NemKonto (translated in English as 'easy account'). NemKonto information can be found below.

New to Denmark?

Foreigners new to Denmark are recommended to first get with a CPR-number, then open a  Danish bank account and then nominate the Danish bank account as their NemKonto.


In order to receive payments from COBE Lab studies via bank transfer, you must assign a bank account as your NemKonto. There are numerous ways to do this, and we recommend visit the NemKonto site for further information (available in Danish and English) and for the most up-to-date information.  

If you do not have a NemKonto it is likely that you will not qualify to participate in certain studies.

We aim for payments via bank transfer to be within two–six weeks after your participation. Payment dates are scheduled once a month. If you participate in more than one study in a certain month that uses electronic bank transfer, payments will be merged together into one monthly transaction (i.e., you will not see one record per study, but rather one transaction representing all studies).

Skat/ Tax

Please note that Aarhus University automatically reports study earnings to the tax authorities, and therefore it is likely you will pay tax on earnings from studies. Payment values stated on our participant system are gross pay values, and not net pay (after tax). All earnings are classed as B-income. 

You can contact us by email (, should you have any concerns.

5. Participant rights

At COBE Lab we are strongly committed to securing and protecting the privacy of our participants. Participants have the right to withdraw from research at any time during data gathering, regardless of the incentives offered. Withdrawal of consent or a request to remove their data will have no adverse consequences for the participant.

Storage of sensitive data

All personal data is confidential and will be treated in accordance with the legal requirements of Lov om behandling af personoplysninger (persondataloven), and in Bekendtgørelse om sikkerhedsforanstaltninger til beskyttelse af personoplysninger.

Right to fair treatment

All participants must be treated with respect. A participant can complain to COBE Lab management if he or she feels treated unfairly (mail:

Ethics certification for researchers

All researchers running studies at COBE Lab Lab have passed an ethics course concerning the use of human participants for research studies. Moreover, all studies conducted at COBE Lab have been reviewed and approved by the COBE Human Subjects Committee. 

6. Mobile app for iOS and Android devices

As a participant at COBE Lab you will be able to browse and sign up for studies by downloading the Sona app for your iOS and Android devices. It is recommend that you sign up for a participant account first, then follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Download app (Sona Mobile)

For iOS devices please click here.
For Android devices please click here.

Step 2: Enter URL

Once the app is downloaded and installed, enter the following in the field that asks "Enter the URL (web address) for your site:":

Type, being sure not to include any spaces.

Step 3: Enter your user ID and password

Please see the figure below for more assistance regarding Steps 2 and 3. 

Sona App screenshots

Step 4: Browse and sign up for studies!