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International students

International Bachelor's and

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Why study at Aarhus BSS?

As a future graduate, you will soon be faced with the challenges and opportunities the global world has to offer. Are you prepared for that?

To be successful in this ever-changing world, you must focus on building not just global awareness but also a flexible skill set and in-depth knowledge about your specific field.

At Aarhus BSS, we are dedicated to helping you achieve all this.

International focus 

As a student here, you will be taught by excellent researchers with international backgrounds, who conduct groundbreaking research - and all our top quality programmes are based on this research.

Student and researcher mobility is a top priority at Aarhus BSS, and we work continuously to increase the school’s international and national impact and to expand our networks of academic and corporate partners with whom our students and researchers can share experiences, exchange knowledge and develop common initiatives.

We also provide our students with great exchange opportunities, which means that throughout your studies you will meet interesting and talented people from very diverse backgrounds.

Scholarly openness

As a broad business school, we are specialised in collaborating across the major business and social science disciplines and further promote collaboration across the entire university. Throughout your studies, you get to work with people from all kinds of exciting disciplines towards building your competences and, possibly, solving the world’s challenges.

Aiming at the labour market

At Aarhus BSS, we have strong ties with the Danish and international business world, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with organisations and businesses in private and public sectors throughout your studies. We develop all our research-based degree programmes in close dialogue with our stakeholders from the business community and public sector – and annual occupational surveys show that graduates from Aarhus BSS match the needs of prospective employers extremely well.

An international focus combined with scholarly and cultural openness and cooperation will be an advantageous starting point for your career.

At Aarhus BSS, we prepare you to take on the world.

Opportunities for international students

Currently, Aarhus BSS has approximately 320 student exchange agreements with partner institutions in 44 countries. Each year, we send over 700 students abroad on exchange and welcome about the same amount of international exchange students from all over the world.

We also offer a range of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes taught in English. Click through the left-hand menu to learn more about Aarhus BSS’ international degree programmes.

International Degree Programmes

Academic life & student life at Aarhus BSS

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