Commencement of studies in spring 2022

The objective of the course is to provide insight into the management of the supply chain and the operations of a company or an organisation. It gives students an understanding of how to effectively and efficiently match supply with demand – not just within the company but also in the interaction with various operators in the company’s surroundings. An important goal of the course is providing a firm grasp of a company’s interaction with the other companies, customers and suppliers who form part of the company’s supply chain.

The liberalisation of world trade and technological developments (within information, production and transport technology) do not only created new possibilities, but also cause intense global competition in many fields. Therefore, companies need to make their production and logistics networks of goods and services more efficient. To maintain their competitive position, many companies seek to customise their products and services to individual customer wishes, to ensure satisfactory quality, to minimise costs, and to offer fast and reliable service. One important consequence of this development is increased focus on the coordination of tasks across traditional functional divisions in order to meet the market and cost demands.

    Single course - MBA

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