Decision making and Negotiation in Organisations

Commencement of studies in spring 2021

This course focuses on two particular goals: to improve the participant’s basic understanding of negotiations and to enhance their personal negotiation skills. The concept of the second part of the course is guided by the basic assumption that both goals can be best achieved by practicing exercises. Thus, the course mainly emphasizes on the simulation and critical analysis of different negotiation settings.

More specifically, this course aims at
Part one:

  • understanding the basic structure of decision making processes in organisations
  • understanding the meaning of rationality in different decision making settings.

Part two:

  • learning how to get as much as possible out of a distributive negotiation without producing hard feelings
  • understanding different negotiation tactics and know how to counter them
  • being able to identify integrative potentials
  • understanding the tension between trust and self-interests in all its complexity
  • being able to deal with cultural differences
  • understanding the structure of negotiation power and learning how to change it.

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