Other centres and groups with considerable external funding

National Centre for Register-based Research  – NCRR (Department of Economics and Business Economics)

Centre for Research in the Foundations of Electronic Markets – CFEM (Department of Economics and Business Economics /Joint with Department of Computer Science)

MAPP Centre – Research on Value Creation in the Food Sector for Consumers, Industry and Society (Department of Management)

Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research – CRF (In Danish) (Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences)

Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy – CFA (Department of Political Science)

The Danish Election Study (Department of Political Science)

Interdisciplinary Centre for Organizational Architecture - ICOA (Aarhus BSS)

INTERARENA. Interest Groups across Political Arenas (Department of Political Science)

Nordic Centre of Excellence NORD-STAR (Department of Business Development and Technology)

Psycho-oncology Research Unit – EpoS (Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences)

TrygFonden's Centre for Child Research (Department of Economics and Business Economics)

The Tuborg Research Centre for Globalisation and Firms (Department of Economics and Business Economics)