PHD WORKSHOP: How to get published

The four Graduate Schools at Aarhus University are hosting a joint PhD course focusing on publication strategies and the writing of a good scientific abstract. The course will bring together PhD students from all disciplines.

2019.10.10 | Randi Groslier Bjælde

Date Wed 29 Jan
Time 09:00 14:00
Location Aarhus Universitet, Studenterhusfonden, Frederiks Nielsens vej 4, Mogens Zieler stuen.
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Aim of the Course
The aim of this course is to make the participants aware of how to develop effective writing strategies to target different readerships within academic publishing. Furthermore, the participants will be introduced to how to think strategically when making a publication plan. Finally, the quality and interestingness of the title and the abstract influences the editor’s decision whether to send the manuscript for review, and the course therefore focuses on writing a convincing abstract.


  • Optimizing publication strategies
  • Reflections on publishing in a career perspective
  • Insights into how the peer-review system works
  • Improved understanding of how to write a scientific abstract

Content of the Course
Publishing is crucial to the academic career and a structured approach can save time and improve the likelihood of getting published in the preferred scientific journals. Therefore, when you plan to publish, it is important to think strategically about when and where to publish. This course will give you an introduction to publishing from both the perspective of the researcher and the editor/ reviewers.

An overview of the peer review process will be provided and its challenges and pitfalls discussed.

In the publication process, the abstract is critical both when submitting a manuscript to a journal, and in attracting readers afterward. A good abstract can concisely explain the aim and results and place them in the context of the research field.

Target Group
PhD students from all disciplines. Participants must have completed or nearly completed data collection and started analyzing data with the aim of publishing the results in an international scientific journal with peer review.

Prior to attending the course, participants are required to submit: 1) an abstract written in English (250-300 words - or based on the requirements of journal it is intended for), and 2) have identified at least one relevant journal, to which the completed paper could be submitted. During the workshop, participants will give and receive feedback.

Please note: All requirements listed above are mandatory

Time: The course will take place on 29. January 2020, 9.00 am – 14.00 pm.

Deadline for applying:  23. November 2019.

Registration is required via web shop (follow the link and look up the course title):

Deadline for submission of abstract: 2. January 2020 to AU Blackboard (access will be given when you have been accepted at the course).

Maximum number of participants: 30

Instructors: Bobby Zachariae, professor, DMSc and Berit Lassesen, assoc. professor, PhD

Aarhus Universitet, Studenterhusfonden, Frederiks Nielsens vej 4, Mogens Zieler stuen.

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