Frequently asked questions

Should I apply for the 3, 4 or 5 year scheme?

If you have a two year master education (120 ECTS), you can apply for the 3 year scheme (5+3). If you have at least 60 ECTS and no more than 90 ECTS from a relevant master education, you can apply for the 4-year scheme (4+4). If you have a relevant bachelor degree you can apply for the 5-year scheme (3+5).

Is it mandatory to suggest a supervisor?

There is no need to contact potential supervisors prior to applying. These will be allocated upon acceptance of the application. This field is simply to make it possible for applicants to suggest a supervisor if they find someone particularly relevant for their project. 

Is it mandatory to upload letters of recommendation?

No, it is not mandatory to upload letters of recommendation. This is simply an option for applicants who wishes to do so.   

How many letters of recommendation are required?

Letters of recommendation are not required. However, you have the possibility of uploading up to three letters and/or writing the email addresses of up to three referees (the system will then write to the referee and ask for a letter of recommendation)

Can I upload letters of recommendation?

Yes, you can upload up to three letters of recommendation

How do I upload additional information to my application?

Below in the application form you find a field called Other information to consider where you can upload a document with additional information.

Why should I combine my diplomas and transcript of records to one pdf file?

If you upload more than one file in the field diplomas and transcript of records in the application form you overwrite the document(s) you have previously uploaded in the same field. Thus, you must combine your diplomas and transcript of records to 1 (one) pdf file.

Which date should I write as my start date?

Admission start day follows the academic year. If you apply in the fall you are expected to be able to start 1 February. If you apply in the beginning of the year, you are expected to be able to start 1 September.

Is it mandatory to take a language test in order to apply?

No, Aarhus BSS Graduate School does not require a language test in order for you to apply. However, excellent communication skills in English are considered essential, and the applicant must be able to read, write, and speak academic English fluently. English language requirement is comparable to a minimum of TOEFL 83 or IELTS 6,5, corresponding to Danish Highschool level B.

The PhD administration may ask applicants to document their proficiency in English at any time during the recruitment process if this is considered necessary. This will often be in the form of an interview.

How do I write the GPA for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree when there is only one field in the application form?

You simply write both grades in the field like this BA/MA for instance “7/10”. Write the grades according to the scale of your home university. 

What does credit transfer mean and how do I fill it out?

Credit transfer is an optional field for you to fill out if you think you are eligible to get months transferred which you have studied on top of your admission level. You must list how many months you think you are entitled to and the reason why. 

What do I do if my referee wishes to send the letter of reference directly to the Graduate School?

You add their mail address in the application form and the system will then send an email requesting a letter of recommendation.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

When you apply through the open application round you automatically also apply for a scholarship at Aarhus BSS Graduate School. 

When can I expect the assessment of my application?

You can expect the assessment of your application approximately two month after application deadline. You can read more about the assessment procedure here.  

How many ECTS of course work is required during the PhD education?

According to the Ministerial PhD order, you are required to take 30 ECTS of PhD course work during the PhD education.