Testimonials - Political Science

Anja Dalsgaard, director, Institute for Strategy, Royal Danish Defence College

“My years as a student of political science at Aarhus University helped me cultivate a capacity for absorbing large amounts of information and an appreciation for analytical stringency. Both benefitted me tremendously when completing the PhD programme of the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). First and foremost, however, I look back with gratitude and humbleness on the support, encouragement, and help I received from a number of teachers and advisors, most of all my thesis advisor Knud Erik Jørgensen, who seemed to believe in my abilities long before I started to trust them myself.”

Director of the Institute for Strategy at the Danish Defence College
Consulting Scholar at Stanford University
Executive Director of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service
Head of research unit and Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies
Extensive teaching and media experience
PhD with distinction from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Bjørn Lomborg

"Political Science at Aarhus University changed my intellectual life – while real life in Aarhus was fun, too. My professors were committed and many data-driven, showing how we can formulate and test ideas about societies with reams of real-world data. We were rounded out with Plato and Locke, methodology and statistics, international relations and even administrative law. A summary of interest analysis from one of the first days has stuck with me since: “where you stand depends on where you sit.”

Trine Mach, member of parliament

“What it gave me? A solid unfailing base of analytical capacity and methods, a toolbox for understanding political, economic and demographic turmoil, and a theoretical insight into national and international political economy.

My student years were formative both professionally and personally, and I profit from this every day: When fighting poverty, promoting women’s rights in the Middle East, promoting the Nordic welfare state model, negotiating in Parliament, and navigating in political power plays”

Member of Parliament, Denmark
Senior Innovation Adviser, Nordic Council of Ministers
Board Chair, ActionAid Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke)
Programme Manager, Middle East&North Africa team, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp
Social Affairs Expert, European Commission, Egypt
Policy Adviser, European Parliament, Brussels

Søren Davidsen, World Bank in East Asia

"My choice of education has shaped my professional  as well as my private future - I met my wife at the Department of Political Science -  ever since I entered the University Park in Aarhus one sunny day in early September 1991. I pursued a Master’s degree in political science because I was interested in how economic, social and political power is exercised across the globe and in developing countries specifically. I also had a faint idea that I would like to work with these issues after I had graduated. As my studies evolved, this idea became clearer and clearer. I was convinced that I would use the solid skills that you learn at the Department of Political Science in fields such as public administration, economy and comparative politics to search for a job with an international organisation. Upon my graduation, I got a job in the UN system where I was in charge of a major public administration reform project in Vietnam. From there, my educational background and the experience it triggered have led me to assignments in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I was head of Danida’s technical governance team, and to my current assignment with the World Bank in East Asia where I oversee public administration and governance programmes. Every day, I benefit from the skills and knowledge which I acquired at the Department of Political Science”

MSc in Political Science
Senior Governance Specialist, the World Bank, East Asia
Chief Governance Adviser, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
Governance Specialist, the World Bank (Indonesia, Vietnam) 
Consultant, PLS Rambøll Consult
Program Officer, Governance Unit, UNDP, Vietnam
External lecturer

Lotte Hansen, political commentator

The programme’s keen emphasis on theory, methodology and approaches seemed intense back then. However, my thorough knowledge of how the world can be perceived in a thousand ways and my ability to systematise this understanding guide me every day when I advise customers at Hansen Agenda and when I comment on politics.  Back then, as a “shooting star” of the Political Science revue, I really enjoyed how we were encouraged to reflect on academia and society in a fun and different way.

MSc in political science. 2000 journalist.

Former jobs:
Press secretary for the Ministry for Economics and Industry, Press secretary for the Ministry for City Development and Housing, Head of Press The Danish Consumer Council, Business Editor at the national daily newspaper Politiken, Director of Public Affairs, CSR at Mannov.

Political commentator since 2005.