Student associations

The Department of Political Science (IFSK) prides itself on its many student associations which include everything from a football association to associations with more academic purposes. Learn more about our dynamic student associations on this page or visit the Facebook or web pages of the individual associations.

Politologisk Forening
Politologisk Forening (PF) is a non-political association for students and staff at IFSK which organises both social events, parties as well as lectures and study trips. PF also organises the Friday Bars where students can start the weekend with a social get-together and enjoy a beer, a chat and a board game. 

Across the Universe
Across the Universe (ATU) is the cultural association at IFSK. ATU organises a broad range of cultural events such as trips to theatres and museums, wine tasting sessions and even a hypnosis show. ATU has something for everyone. 


IP-NU is an abbreviation for International Politics Now. As the name suggests, the association has a finger on the pulse when it comes to what is hot in international politics. IP-NU organises lectures and debates offering both theoretical perspectives on international politics, but also more practical perspectives featuring experts from international organisations, ministries, the diplomacy etc.

Kandestøberen is the IFSK newsletter. Kandestøberen is published four times each semester and covers both the daily life at IFSK and Aarhus University as well as more academic content . So far, the newsletter is available in Danish only. The editors can be contacted at 

Idrætsforeningen Statskundskab
Idrætsforeningen Statskundskab is the IFSK’s football club. The club has enjoyed a steadily growing membership rate since being formed in 1997, and the team welcomes everyone interested. Besides the many football activities, the club also organises a number of social events for its members and supporters. 

Jul is Danish for Christmas. The association organises the annual Xmas Day at IFSK, which is held on the first Wednesday in December. At Xmas Day, pop-up bars run by the student associations and the student instructors fill the classrooms and corridors of the department.

This is also the day for the legendary student revue and, of course, Xmas Day ends with a massive Xmas party! 

Kandidatforeningen is the association for Master’s degree students. The association aims to create a better study environment for Master’s degree students, both socially and academically, by organising academic and social events for Master’s degree students and graduates from the Department of Political Science. 

Kritisk Profil
The main purpose of Kritisk Profil (Critical Profile) is to promote students’ independent and critical academic involvement by organising lectures and debates that offer alternate perspectives on politological issues. The association covers a broad spectrum of politological disciplines and aims to create an academic forum that encourages dialogue and debate. 

Politologisk Bogformidling
Politologisk Bogformidling is the department’s book distribution service responsible for delivering practically all books for seminars and teaching. The association also offers a wide range of secondary literature and is also the place to find interesting new literature within the field of political science. 

Statsrådet, the political science council, is an umbrella organisation for the  various political student organisations and voting lists at the department. The council represents the student body on the department’s board of studies, the department’s governing body, as well as on other university bodies.