Social events

Political science students are active and engage in a number of social events both at the Department of Political Science, at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University and in the city of Aarhus. Looking to participate? This page provides you with information to guide you to the most popular social events which you just don’t want to miss.

Kapsejlads (The Spring Regatta)
The spring regatta is an annual tradition that epitomises the community spirit of Aarhus University Campus. The different faculties battle in teams to win a race in the combined discipline of drinking beer and sailing an inflatable boat across the lake in the University Park.

The regatta is an unparalleled crowd-puller. Taking place in the last week of April, the regetta might be the last chance to enjoy a day off before the beginning of the exam period. An estimated 25,000 students visit the University Park during the day making the Spring Regatta the biggest student event in Scandinavia. Enthusiasts start camping as early as 3am, so you have to get up early to get a front row seat. 

Sports Day and Denmark’s Biggest Friday Bar
In September, the University Park hosts the Sports Day where the hilly park is crowded with students who have exchanged their books for hockey sticks and footballs, while others are watching the games and enjoying a beer. In the late afternoon, Denmark’s biggest Friday Bar starts. The numerous tents serve food and beer while famous Danish musicians play concerts to a cheering crowd. Denmark’s biggest Friday Bar is an excellent opportunity to hang loose with your fellow students - if you are able to spot them in the crowd.

Aarhus has everything a “small big city” should have: theatres, concert halls, museums, bars, cafés, restaurants, sport venues, parks, shops and weekend markets.

The city hosts numerous concerts and festivals every year. SPOT Festival showcases more than 130 upcoming bands, the three-day NorthSide Festival displays the most popular acts in alternative music, and the week-long Aarhus Festival in September is the largest themed culture festival in Scandinavia. Furthermore, the international travel guide, Lonely Planet, has named Aarhus as one of the top destinations in Europe to visit this year.