Andreína, MSc. Eng. Technology-based Business Development


My name is Andreína Vielma Gómez, and I come from the nice and warm Venezuela.

The first time I came to Denmark was in the summer of 2010, as an AFS exchange student. During that year I fell in love with Danish culture and their delicious food.

Later in 2014, I got the fantastic opportunity of studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM) at Aarhus BSS in Herning. I was beyond excited to come back to Denmark!

Studying GMM was the best decision I’ve ever made, as I had the chance to learn a wide variety of topics, from how to manufacture anything you can imagine to managing teams across cultures. What made the experience even more special was the problem-based teaching and practical approach of the program.

During those 3,5 years, I saw LEGO bricks are manufactured in Denmark, experienced part of the assembly process of an Airbus A380 in Hamburg, visited a Volkswagen factory in Germany and even got to write a project in China! So, the “Global” part is real business.

After finishing GMM, I was still hungry for knowledge, so in 2018 I got enrolled in (MSc. Eng.) Technology-based Business Development. This time, I wanted to have a more holistic view of technology and learn how to use it to develop a business.

This master’s program has allowed me to develop even further those skills I learned during my GMM years. So, it has been a perfect match!

If I had to decide whether coming to Denmark or not, I would say YES again! Getting to make friends from all over the world and studying under a multicultural atmosphere is priceless.

Feel free to write any question or doubt to my e-mail:, I’ll be more than happy to help.