Eda, Master Student in Political Science


My name is Eda Köşk. I’m from Turkey. I did my Bachelor’s in Economics and International Relations at Koç University in Istanbul. I’m currently studying Master’s in Political Science at Aarhus University BSS.

I chose to study in Aarhus University because it is among top 100 universities in the world and there is a wide range of courses offered in the Political Science department. After starting my studies, I was even happier with my decision. First of all, the campus is incredibly beautiful. You can enjoy the sunny days while sitting by the lake and feeding the ducks. Secondly, there is a flat hierarchical structure in the classes which I like the most about Danish education system. Informal relationship between students and professors lets the students become more than just listeners and be a part of an open discussion in the lectures where they express their opinions freely.

They say “Aarhus is world’s smallest big city” which cannot be more true. Although, Aarhus is tiny compared to where I come from – Istanbul – it’s incredible how easy it is to find interesting events to fill your days in here. Since the city has many internationals, there are many options for English speakers. And also, don’t forget to experience the spirit of “Hygge” in lovely cafes of Aarhus!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at edakosk@gmail.com