Michał, Bachelor student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey! My name is Michał Glinicki and I’m from Warsaw, Poland. I am in the 2nd year of the Bachelor ''Economics and Business Administration'' at the campus in Herning.

Although I study in Herning, I also know Aarhus quite well. I’ve decided to study in Denmark because I've heard a lot about Danish culture, “hygge” and a high quality of education. I am studying in Herning which is smaller than Aarhus but it comes with few advantages. One of them definitely is the size of the classes and the contact we have with the professors. Although Herning is small, there is still a lot happening here - starting from Friday Bar at the Uni ending on International Society that organises many events for Expats in Herning.

I would definitely recommend studying in Denmark to anyone - it’s one of the best decisions of my life. The beginning was hard - a lot of documents, finding an apartment, taking care of your household and studying in another language. I overcame all those problems with the help of older, more experienced students and that is why I would like to help others as well. So if you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to write to me at michalglinicki@gmail.com

Jerzy, Bachelor student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey! My name is Jerzy Chromicki. I'm a Polish student enrolled in the bachelor course in Economics and Business Administration (3rd year).

I have been in Aarhus since late 2015, so I can help you with almost everything and answer most of your questions regarding the university and the courses we have. Most importantly, however, I believe I might be one of the best people you could ask for advice about getting started and surviving as a new student because I've been through it all: from looking for an apartment and a job to partying and participating in many interesting events our university has to offer.

So if you had some troubles with your studies or just wanted to ask about some advice on living in Aarhus and Denmark in general, feel free to contact me ;) Cheers!

E-mail: jchromi@gmail.com