Modestas, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

 Hey, everyone!

My name is Modestas Ramanauskas, I am a bachelor student from Lithuania and since 2017 I have been studying Economics and Business Administration (BScB) programme at the Aarhus BSS.

Regarding my studies at Aarhus University I must say that I have not a shred of regret of being enrolled in this programme. I really like what I am studying, I enjoy every moment being here because the atmosphere in this university is exactly what every student might want to feel during his student life. Being a part of international community is one of the most fundamental advantages that attracts the most and makes all the environment colorful. All students are different; all of them represent their own countries, their culture, traditions, habits, even their language. To be more specific about the time students spend at university, personally I can say that subjects are interesting, lecturers are highly qualified, always ready to help or just to have friendly conversations. Schedule is not very strict, so students have time to go to Danish courses which are relevant if you are planning to stay here for a longer time, also if you study honestly, you may easily find some time to get a part-time job.

To be honest, I am not very excited about cities with no or just only few skyscrapers or fancy buildings, but Aarhus has something that makes me feel safely and cozily. Aarhus could be definitely called „student town“ because of many entertaining places, plenty of bars and clubs. Locals are very kind and helpful people. Tolerance is highly developed that is why all internationals are treated with respect.

To sum up, if you are really thinking about studying abroad, I strongly recommend to choose Denmark, Aarhus University and apply for whatever programme you want. You will not regret.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me. My email is: