Allegra, Bachelor student in Marketing and Management Communication


My name is Allegra, I come from Italy and I am currently studying the Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management Communication at Aarhus BSS.

 “So why Denmark?”……and to answer this question we need to go way back in time.

 In 2015 I visited Copenhagen for the first time and I immediately fell in love with the city, the vibe, the colourful houses and the Danish lifestyle. From that moment, I started coming back to Denmark every summer during my holidays, and when it was about time to graduate from high school and choose where to study, the decision wasn’t too difficult to make.

Studying in a Danish university has many good aspects, first of all it is completely free, so even if Denmark is quite expensive you don’t have the weight of the university fee on your shoulders!

Another thing that I really like is the balance between studying and practicing what you studied: in this way you can get a theoretical knowledge but also a more practical one, thorough projects and internships, that will help you when you start working in a company!

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me and if you are around in Aarhus, I am always up for a good cup of coffee like a true Italian would.