Peer, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey guys,

My name is Peer Woyczechowski and I’m from Kiel, Germany. I’m currently enrolled in the Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration (BscB) at the faculty Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

My decision to study in Denmark was primarily made on grounds of the high quality of education that is provided, the international environment in the programmes and in general Denmark/Aarhus and the possibility to expand my network further.

I can only highly recommend to choose a different path than others and study in Denmark. Aarhus BSS offers a broad spectrum of communities and activities that are relevant to your studies or contributing to your life outside of the classrooms. It doesn’t get boring here!

Why you should choose Aarhus BSS?

Here are some keywords, why I would choose Aarhus BSS over and over again.

-          Top education

-          International oriented programs

-          The relaxed and cozy atmosphere in Aarhus

-          Tons of events for every kind of taste

-          Getting to know a new culture and language

-          Living and studying with nationalities from all over the world

-          Everything is in walking or biking distance

There is a reason why the citizens of Denmark are one of the most happiest people in the world and you experience that from day one. Danish people are very welcoming, openminded, outgoing and in the end it just comes down to “hygge”.

If you are not convinced yet that studying at Aarhus BSS is the right choice for you or have any kind of questions, feel free to contact me:

Vera, Bachelor Student in Global Management and Manufacturing

Hej guys,

My name is Vera Petersen and I am from a small city close to the Danish border in Germany. I am currently on my 4th semester of the Bachelor programme “Global Management and Manufacturing” at Aarhus Universities Campus in Herning.

I chose to study in Denmark because I grew up experiencing the Danish culture through my father, who worked in Denmark, and got fascinated by it. When looking into study programmes, I found the perfect study programme for me in Denmark: the GMM programme is a combination of management courses as well as courses related to manufacturing and improvement of processes. Furthermore, does the GMM programme have a high focus on practical experience, which was very important for me. Every semester we make a project in cooperation with a company (Company Related Project) and gain working experience by applying the theories we learned throughout the semester in real-world problems. When graduating I am a “Professionsbachelor”, which means, that a big part of the education is build up on practical, real life experience.

The GMM programme is only offered in Herning, which is a smaller city located west of Aarhus. “Small city” does not mean, that it is boring in Herning – there is always something going on here: 2018 the Ice Hockey World Championship and in January 2019, the Handball World Championship were/will be held here. On campus there are different associations organising events for the students, such as the programmes own GMM association or the student activity association of Herning’s Campus and the Friday Bar, who for example organise the semester party. In Herning there is an international society consisting of both international students, but also other international (minded) people, who organise cool events such as Cook & Talk’s or others.

Studying at a smaller campus comes with advantages such as interactive, challenging and fun classes. In the GMM programme we always have the possibility to ask questions and the professors and lecturers are accessible most of the time and willing to answer questions or help students get in contact with companies in the surrounding area.   

In the beginning it was of course a little overwhelming to live in a new country – having to get all necessary documents in order, getting to know the language and culture (better), finding friends and reading for school. However, I can say, that the hard work in the beginning is worth it. I am having “the time of my life” here in Herning and am so happy, that I made the decision to study abroad and move to a different country. I think it is important to leave one’s comfort zone and believe in one’s dreams and thereby challenge yourself to do what you want to do - studying abroad!

If you need any information about the GMM programme, living and studying in Herning or anything else that comes to your mind, I am very happy to help you!
Please contact me on the following mail address: