Qiwei, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Ni hao!

My name is Qiwei Wang from Jiangsu Province in China. And my friends also call me Amy. I started my full Bachelor's degree in August 2015, majoring in Economics and Business Administration.

I have already been here for a couple years. I cannot say I know everything about Aarhus BSS but I can provide you much information as a DIY applied student, because I applied to many universities by myself, instead of finding an education agency to do the applications, like many students in China.

I have been studying at Suzhou University in China for two years before I came here. I decided to go abroad to experience a different education system after the first university year. I applied to several universities around Europe and got many offers, but why I chose Aarhus University finally? Actually, the answer is not complicated. First, as we all know Aarhus University is one of the top 100 universities all over the world, I expected that it can provide me great education and the fact is yes it does. Second, I like a peaceful life, Denmark is a peaceful and hygge country.

If you want know how to apply for the university, do not hesitate to write me emails. I know more about Chinese students' problems than those from the other countries, but I will also be glad if other international students write me emails if you want know more from me. My email address is

Best wishes!