Qiwei, Master Student in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


My name is Qiwei Wang from Jiangsu Province in China. And my friends also call me Amy. I started my full Bachelor's degree in August 2015, majoring in Economics and Business Administration, and right now I’m in the Master program Logistics and Supply Chain management. 

I have already been here for more than 4 years. I cannot say I know everything about Aarhus BSS but I can provide you much information as a DIY applied Chinese student, because I applied to many universities by myself, instead of finding an education agency to do the applications, like many students in China.

I have been studying at Suzhou University in China for two years before I came here. I decided to go abroad to experience a different education system after the first university year. I applied several universities around Europe and got many offers, but why I chose Aarhus University finally? Actually, the answer is not complicated. Firstly, as we all know Aarhus University is one of the top 100 universities all over the world, I expected that it can provide me great education and the fact is yes it does. Secondly, I like peaceful life, Denmark is a peaceful and hygge country.

If you want know how to apply for Aarhus university, if you are interested in Aarhus university, do not hesitate to write me emails. My email address is Hope to see you at Aarhus University! 

Best wishes!

Qiwei Wang