Digital Transformation:

– become a partner and meet some of our most dedicated students

On the Elite Module in Digital Transformation, we unite the most ambitious students, the latest research, the most talented lecturers and the most dedicated companies. 

As a partner, you get:

  1.  Direct access to selected Master’s degree students in Economics and Business Administration who have the academic level and motivation required to take part in the module (only students from the top third of their year group can apply for admission to the elite module).
  2. The opportunity to formulate a project assignment to be solved by one or more of our students. The students will work on the project in your company on selected days during the fall semester as a “mini internship”. A representative from your company will be supervising the project together with one of our researchers.
  3. Invitations for networking events where you will get the chance to meet the students, their lecturers and our other business partners.

About the students

Only particularly motivated and ambitious Master’s degree students from the top third of their year group are admitted to the Elite Module. To be admitted, students must meet the minimum mark requirements and submit a personal statement. Through specific cases, the students learn how to work as digital consultants for the companies.

About the teaching

During the semester, the students will learn to: Analyse what digitisation means for the company’s competitive status. Assess the company’s digital (im)maturity, threats and opportunities. Take advantage of digital, data-driven marketing opportunities focusing on the customer. Create an overview of what the digital transition requires of the management team and the organisation. Focus the Human Resource Management efforts in relation to the new opportunities. Design and shape the organisation of the new digital company.

Read more about the module here.

Facts about the partnership

Duration: 1 January 2022 - 31 December 2022

Price for a one-year partnership: DKK 25,000 ex. tax. (two-year partnership: DKK 40.000 ex. tax)

Rainier Jazmin

Partner Relations Manager