Student assistant

A large part of our approx. 16,000 full-time students wish to supplement their SU with a study relevant part time job.

The students can contribute to your company with knowledge and tools regarding e.g.:

  • Internal- and external communications
  • IT- project management and solutions
  • Law
  • Business law
  • Consumer analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Audit, economics and finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy and organization
  • Psychology
  • Language and translation
  • Logistics and export

If you need to talk to a consultant regarding student assistant employment, please do not hesitate to contact Aarhus BSS Career.

Nice to know

  • Weekly hours: 15 h./hours needed
  • Payment: min. 110DKK per hour
  • Both bachelor and master students
  • They are capable of making coffee, but... university students are skilled within a broad range of tasks - use them efficiently! 
  • Often a good way for recruiting for full-time jobs

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