Project collaboration

A collaboration with a AU student can be MBA projects, master theses or undergraduate projects and is a collaboration between one or more students and your company. The collaboration will normally involve information gathering where the student e.g. conducts interviews and other information from your company. It is useful knowledge - directly to your business.

The scope of the collaboration can vary from simple interviews to various types of joint activities and reporting. The duration of a project can vary from a single day to a six-month thesis project. Scope of the report will be from 25 pages (bachelor thesis) to 150 pages (master thesis).

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Thesis collaboration

All graduates from Aarhus BSS must write a thesis. When students write their thesis in collaboration with a company, it can be advantageous to both parties.

Your company benefits from the opportunity to work in-depth on a larger project, where the company gets concrete answers to a problem. Conversely, the students get the opportunity to combine theory and practice.

Collaboration may consist of information gathering, where the student conducts interviews, which are subsequently analysed and utilised in relation to the thesis project.

There is also the possibility of providing scholarships to students writing their master thesis.

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Confidentiality agreement

Students from Aarhus BSS often cooperate with private companies or organisations when writing their thesis. In this connection, these external partners may have an understandable wish to prevent any third party from getting access to confidential information. 

For this reason, Aarhus BSS has established a set of rules with procedures and obligations committing Aarhus BSS as an institution in connection with a confidentiality procedures. Further, School of Business and Social Sciences has made an optional agreement form which the student and the company/organisation may use in order to sign a mutual confidentiality agreement. 

Aarhus BSS's procedures and obligations 

If a company or an organisation - when cooperating with a student from School of Business and Social Sciences on a thesis - requests for confidentiality about knowledge acquired by School of Business and Social Sciences and the student, School of Business and Social Sciences is obliged to comply with the below-mentioned 'School of Business and Social Sciences Thesis – Confidentiality Rules'. 

Please note that main part of these rules only becomes effective, if the thesis is marked as 'Confidential'. 

Aarhus BSS's confidentiality agreement
Version 1.0

The following rule applies, if a student writing his/her thesis informs his/her academic supervisor about a secrecy agreement made with a company or an organisation: 

1. The supervisor is bound to observe professional secrecy about the company knowledge acquired in the super-vising process. 

Furthermore, if the thesis is marked 'Confidential' because of the above-mentioned agreement, the following rules apply: 

2. The submitted copies of the thesis will only be available for the supervisor/examiner, external examiner and the necessary administrative staff, and copies will not be distributed to others. 

3. The supervisor/examiner and the external examiner are bound to observe professional secrecy about the company knowledge acquired from the thesis and the oral examination, if any. 

4. School of Business and Social Sciences' administrative staff is bound to secrecy about any company knowledge acquired from the thesis. 

5. The supervisor/examiner has to ensure that the oral examination (if any) is held behind closed doors. 

6. If the School of Business and Social Sciences Library receives a copy of the thesis, it will not be available for reading and/or lending. 

7. In the case of an appeal in connection with an exam complaint, the thesis will be available for all members of the appeals committee, who will be bound to professional secrecy, as described in item 3.

If the company/organisation wishes a written certificate stating the compliance of these rules, the Confidentiality Certificate should be completed. The wording of this certificate is identical with the above-mentioned text. The company/organisation completes the certificate with the company/organisation name, student name and thesis title and forward it to the academic supervisor for signing.