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Recruit among students and graduates

At Aarhus BSS, we connect local and international companies and organizations with the right candidates for jobs and internships. We work together with Danish and international companies and organizations - through mentoring programs, internships and direct meetings between companies and students.

We show our students what it takes to engage in, contribute to and create a future in the Danish and international businesses. Through continuous interaction between companies and students, businesses and organizations, you can meet and recruit new employees who are humble and quick to understand the tasks and workflows - and who dare to challenge old habits.

Get in contact

  • Partnership - Direct contact with approximately 16,000 students
  • AU Job- and projektbank – Online job adverts for 43,000 students throughout Aarhus University
  • Mentorprogram – Help developing students
  • CompanyDATING – Meet students along with 40 other companies

Contact persons

Peter Hoffmann

Partner Relations Manager

Marianne Skade

Senior Career Consultant & Partner Relations Manager

Jane Midtgård Madsen

Career Counsellor and Partner Relations Manager