Programme content

The structure of the programme allows each student to tailor his or her own MBA profile. This makes it possible to take individual courses or to pause along the way, for instance after the completion of the first part of the programme, for which an independent Certificate of Business Administration is awarded.

Students also have the opportunity to tailor the programme through their combination of electives and choice of topic for the final Master’s thesis. The programme form and curriculum, including the short and intensive course of study, presupposes that students are well prepared for each lesson, and that they take responsibility for their own learning throughout the entire programme. Students will be working independently with different problem areas, typically from their own company or organization, as well as in study groups.

The study groups allow students to exchange experience and to build a valuable network, which is often continued beyond the course of study. The entire programme must be completed within six years in order to acquire the title of Master of Business Administration.


STRUCTURE (semesters and courses)

First semester

Basic compulsory modules:

  • Strategy and business
  • Industrial and structural economy
  • Marketing

Second semester

Basic compulsory modules:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour 
  • Business Management and Supply Chain

The first and second semesters end with a certification project. The purpose of the project is to test the students’ ability to apply the acquired theoretical and methodological skills to solve specific real-world problems – preferably in their own companies.

Third semester 

Basic compulsory modules:

  • Business administration method and project 

Two electives:

The electives allow students to influence the development of their own personal qualifications, as they can combine their own electives and thereby achieve professional qualifications that match the challenges they face in their own careers.

Fourth semester 

Master’s thesis:

The Master’s thesis enables students to work thoroughly with a major project. The extent of the thesis encourages students to develop specific proposals for new initiatives within their own organization and to assess the consequences of different proposals for implementation.