MBA Alum of the Year 2019: Henrik Burkal, CEO REMA 1000

Henrik Burkal has been named Alum of the Year at Aarhus BSS. Henrik is known as a highly charismatic and committed leader, who inspires and creates room for his employees to work and develop.

2019.10.24 | Nadja Kallerup Pedersen

A positive view on human nature, a talented and ambitious leader, integrity and humour. These are just some of the accolades bestowed upon Henrik Burkal, who has been the CEO of REMA 1000 since 2005 with very impressive results. Henrik Burkal has also contributed to putting sustainability and food waste on the agenda in Danish retail.


For these reasons, Henrik Burkal has been named the 2019 Alum of the Year.


Henrik Burkal and REMA 1000 are also one of the Founding Partners that have collaborated with Aarhus BSS on developing a new Master’s degree programme in Commercial and Retail Management. In addition, Henrik Burkal has often contributed with his knowledge and experiences in various debates and talks at Aarhus BSS.

Career in the grocery sector

Henrik Burkal kicked off his career in the grocery sector in Netto where he spent part of his time stationed in Germany.

In 2005, he left a position as Executive Vice President of the IT company CCI and subsequently joined REMA 1000 as CEO. Back then, the supermarket chain had 123 shops in Denmark. Today, REMA 1000 has more than 10,000 employees and + 300 shops across the country.

Henrik Burkal holds an MSc in Business Administration and completed the EMBA programme at Aarhus BSS in 2001.

Apart from being CEO of REMA 1000, he is also a board member of REMA Franchise in Norway. Since 2008, he has also been the CEO of Reitan Distribution.

About the appointment

The appointment of the MBA Alum of the Year is always preceded by a process in which everyone can nominate a candidate. Subsequently, the winner is selected by two members of the MBA board of studies.


A. The purpose of the MBA Alum of the Year Award is to recognise outstanding achievements by former graduates from the MBA programme at Aarhus BSS.

B. Outstanding achievements should be accomplished from professional work (an exemplary career), services to Aarhus BSS and/or to the wider community.

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