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Lessons from the annual MBA alum meeting

At the MBA alum meeting on 28 October, the participants learned more about how the tomorrow’s organisation can be handled in a complex world. Watch the videos with the speakers from the meeting here.

2016.11.17 | Kit Krüger

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s alum meeting. The theme of the meeting was “Tomorrow’s organisation in a complex world”, which was analysed by four speakers, namely Alfred Josefsen, former head of Irma, Change Management Professor John Hayes, Professor of Strategy René Rohrbeck and MBA alum Kenth Hvam, head of backbone development at TDC. Below you can watch the videos with the speakers. 

Alfred Josefsen gave the presentation: “Management of complex organisations”. In the video, he talks about the importance of good leadership. 

Professor René Rohrbeck and Kenth Hvam gave the presentation: “Why Corporate Foresight matters for growth and profitability”. In the video, René talks about e.g. how companies geared for the future stand out from the companies that are not, and how companies can benefit from working with Corporate Foresight. 

Professor John Hayes gave the presentation: Responsible change management: An ethical approach. In the video, John talks about the important questions you should ask yourself in relation to working with responsible management.

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