Get the Silicon Valley perspective on innovation

On 6 October, we held an executive reception where we invited the alums to Aarhus BSS. Here, Dr. John Murray from the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International at Stanford University in Silicon Valley gave a presentation about the business of innovation seen from a Silicon Valley Perspective.

2016.11.17 | Kit Krüger

Watch the video where Murray offers his view on the challenges and solutions of innovation and shares his advice for entrepreneurs and innovators in small countries like Denmark.

Dr. John Murray is a programme director in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International in Silicon Valley, California. His research interests include interactive collaborative systems, educational technologies, computer gaming, cognitive ergonomics and global cyber-research ethics. During his career, Dr. Murray has held technical leadership and executive management positions at several large international corporations and has been involved with several innovative start-up enterprises. The primary applications of his work have been in smart product design, mobile communications, education systems, transportation infrastructure, and software security and reliability.

SRI International is a large non-profit research institute with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. Since its inception at Stanford University over sixty years ago, SRI has been pioneering ground-breaking research in many scientific disciplines, which have resulted in many world-changing technologies and products that make people safer, healthier and more productive. To bring disruptive technologies to the marketplace, SRI has created more than sixty significant spin-off ventures and licensing deals, including several that were backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms. These include: Siri (acquired by Apple), Redwood Robotics (acquired by Google), Intuitive Surgical (IPO) and Nuance (IPO).

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