About the programme

The Master’s programme in Business Administration (MBA) has been developed based on a strong request from private and public sector managers and employees in Denmark, who are increasingly seeking a flexible Master’s programme on a high, professional level. We have listened to their request and created an international degree programme on a high academic level, which makes room for both family life and career.

The MBA programme is based on the modular system with a considerable degree of flexibility. In principle, the MBA is a two-year programme on a part-time basis which consists of two parts. The first part consists of five compulsory courses and ends with a certification project. The second part consists of three electives and the Master’s thesis.

The programme comprises a total of 60 ECTS credits.


Students will gain in-depth insight into business economics, management and organizational design, combined with theories, tools and methods that allow them to analyse and improve the performance of a particular company or organization. Hereby, the candidates will acquire the skills necessary to handle managerial tasks in private or public organizations.

The MBA programme will give the candidates access to the latest national and international knowledge of economics and management through teaching based on research from both the school and international partners. Close cooperation with the business community also guarantees that the academic content is relevant – i.e. theory and practice are closely combined.


This programme is taught in Danish. Visit the Danish homepage.