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Executive Master in
Corporate Communication

Target group

The programme is directed at public and private sector managers and employees who have practical experience within internal and external communication and wish to further develop their academic skills within communication management and planning.

The students at the programme typically come from private companies, organisations, trade associations, public companies, public authorities and organisations as well as consultancy firms and communication agencies.

This programme is taught in Danish. Visit the Danish homepage here.

During the programme, students become part of a strong network of communication professionals from across Denmark. The programme is developed in close collaboration with our advisory board consisting of representatives from corporate Denmark, trade unions and other relevant research communities.

The Executive Master’s Programme in Corporate Communication is a two-year programme designed to specialise graduates in handling the challenges they are facing as modern communication professionals.

During the programme, the Master's students acquire practical and theoretical skills that allow them to meet the new and constantly growing demands placed on professionals working within strategic communication management. Students improve their ability to think and act in a strategic manner and to understand and further develop key concepts and methods within corporate communication. This includes the ability to analyse and solve specific problems within the field of communication.