Recruiting Participants

Recruiting participants for your experiment

Our participant pool is available for all researchers in COBE Lab. You have the possibility to create your project, pre-screen participants, manage schedules and communicate with the participants signed up. The Sona system helps you keep track of all planned sessions. 

Once your project is approved and in the active stage you may:

1. Create your project in Sona

2. Send an approval request to lab management 

3. Add timeslots and start promoting your study

We strongly recommend that you read our Sona manual for researchers on how to use the Sona system. Please contact if you need any assistance. 

Lab management will assist you in setting up your study on Sona. The system allows you to recruit specific characteristics for a sample. For example, it is possible to filter the pool based on numerous demographic variables (e.g., gender, Danish language fluency, English language fluency). Furthermore, you can set prerequisites (i.e., a participant must have participated in a specific prior study/studies) and disqualifiers (a participant must not have participated in specific prior study/studies).   

Help recruit participants and promote your own study

All researchers using our participant pool are expected to contribute to recruiting new participants. New participants in the pool benefit both you and other researchers and help us keeping our pool alive and ease the recruiting process. 

We advise that you: 

1. Promote your study/COBE Lab to your students in classes and lectures

2. Spread flyers and posters in student areas 

3. Share posts on Facebook and Instagram