Booking Resources


Booking resources requires that the research project is in the 'Active' stage.

This means that the following criteria have been fulfilled:

  • Ethics certificates for every research member sent to
  • Pre-study Form submitted by research group and approved by Lab management.
  • Research Ethics Checklist submitted by research group and approved by the Lab's Human Subjects Committee.
  • Project Account Information Form sent to if participants are to be paid via electronic bank transfer.

 For more information on the above please consult our procedures page. 

Considerations when booking

We ask that before booking resources, you take into consideration that other researchers may need to use the same labs and equipment as you. For this and other, administrative reasons, please try to match your bookings to the actual time you will use the resources. 

Generally, you should avoid the following:

  • creating block bookings of equipment, especially across multiple days.
  • booking resources before it has been decided if and when you need them.

Additionally, please make sure to cancel bookings at your earliest convenience if your schedule changes, so other researchers may book the resources instead.

It's especially important to be precise with your bookings in busy periods. In such times, lab management may contact you to discuss the possibility of accommodating other researcher's needs.

Online Booking System — an overview

Booking rooms and equipment is done via the Lab's online booking system—a feature of The site is accessible only to researchers provided with an account. When the research project is in the 'Active' stage (see above), researchers can use the booking system, which provides an easy-to-use interface to book Lab resources.