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Experiments in COBE Lab

Curious about what experiments in COBE Lab are like? Below you can read a selection of short and in-depth descriptions of previous experiments. You will find current experiments in our recruitment system.

Food Choices

The purpose of this study was to investigate attentional processes in decision making. Participants were asked to choose a meat product among different options while an eye-tracker recorded their gaze. Before and after the experiment, participants filled out questionnaires about their consumer behavior.

Duration: 30 minutes
Reward: 60 DKK
Affiliation: Department of Management

Watching Ethnographic Film

In this experiment, participants were asked to view clips from original documentaries. While they did, their gaze was tracked. A detailed interview was conducted afterwards in which the participant talked about their experience.

Duration: 150 minutes
Reward: 110 DKK pay/hour
Affiliation: Interacting Minds Centre – School of Culture and Society

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

In this brief, online questionnaire, participants were asked to answer questions about AI in a healthcare setting. The aim of the study was to analyse how people perceive AI within the context of healthcare, including their attitudes towards using the technology, and willingness to receive treatments with AI introduced.

Duration: 10 minutes
Reward: 40 DKK
Affiliation: Department of Management