Use your course evaluation as a tool for development


Evaluation is a way of understanding the effects of our teaching on students’ learning. It implies collecting information about our work, interpreting the information and making judgement which actions we should take to improve practice.

As you review your evaluation report/data, you may consider what it means for you and your course: What did you do? How did your students react to the way the subject was taught? What is working well or less well? Does your own assessment of your teaching activities match that of your students’? If not, why not?

In this workshop, we offer you an opportunity to uncover different angles and interpretations of your own data and discuss these with colleagues before making conclusions and drawing appropriate consequences for the development of the course.


Based on the participants own evaluation report/data we will explore and discuss information on students’:

  • Level of commitment in the course
  • Perception of the course organisation
  • Suggestions for improvement and what changes are desirable

Furthermore we will discuss:

  • how to handle text feedback - This is important because it is too easy to get swayed by negative comments
  • Whether there are any areas of special attention you should give more attention e.g. course design and/or teaching methods?
  • How to tailor your course evaluation to give you the answers you need.


General information

Target audience: All employees at Aarhus BSS 

Scope: As required

Number of participants: As required

Venue: Campus Aarhus

Price: The workshop is free of charge for employees at AU

Language: Danish / English

CUL reserves the right to change the workshop programme and language of instruction


This workshop can be requested as a 'tailor-made' workshop if you and 3-5 of your colleagues are interested or as a specially adapted presentation at academic events at Aarhus BSS.

Workshop responsibles/lecturers

Berit Lassesen

Associate professor

Workshop secretary

Julie Lykke Facius

Member of Administrative Staff