Group supervision with peer-feedback

How to plan and manage group supervision and feedback 

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Do you have many master students to supervise every spring semester? Do you need some ideas and tools to manage so much supervision at the same time? Is continuous assessment and feedback on student assignments an integrated part of your courses at BA or MA level? If so, group supervision and feedback may be what you are looking for.

The purpose of this workshop is to acquaint you (more) with group supervision and peer feedback. In addition, the purpose is that you design or redesign a specific teaching plan in which you insert an element of group supervision and peer feedback, adjusted to suit your supervision and the challenges you are faced with.


The workshop begins with a short activity (’Think-pair-share’) about the possibilities for you to supervise groups.

This is followed by a short introduction to the pros and cons of group supervision, principles for the structuring of a group supervision process and the individual group meetings, and methods to clarify roles and expectations. Finally, you will be introduced to how you may facilitate successful feedback, including how to motive students to engage actively in the feedback task.

I the final part of the workshop, you will work with your own supervision activities. You will be invited to design or redesign your group supervision and will receive feedback on your (re-)design from your peers and the workshop facilitator.



Briefly describe 1) your experience with group supervision (if any), and 2) what you think/know are the pro and cons of group supervision.

General information

Target group

All lecturers at Aarhus BSS – whether you already have experience with group supervision or you would like to try it out.


Workshop: 3 hours, preparation: 1/2 hour.

Number of participants



Campus Aarhus


Free of charge for academic staff at AU.


Danish or English depending on the participants.


Gitte Wichmann-Hansen

CTL also offers this workshop

As a tailor-made workshop or presentation for specific groups of supervisors or at events for academic staff in the departments at Aarhus BSS. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


This workshop can be requested as a 'tailor-made' workshop if you and 3-5 of your colleagues are interested or as a specially adapted presentation at academic events at Aarhus BSS.

Workshop responsibles/lecturers

Workshop secretary