Good thesis supervision in less time

In this workshop you will get strategies and methods to organise and carry out the supervision of master theses efficientl

The ”Fremdriftsreform” has created stricter time frames for master thesis supervision at Aarhus BSS. However, shorter time does not necessarily mean bad supervision. There are a number of ways to make one’s supervision more efficient without it being to the detriment of the students learning outcome.

The purpose of this workshop is to give you some tools and strategies to make your supervision more efficient and increase the chance that your students will complete their projects on time. The workshop will focus on 1) the initial phase of the thesis writing process (choice of topic, problem statement, and mutual expectations between the supervisor and the student), 2) giving timely, criteria-based and targeted text feedback, and 3) the balance between furthering the students’ independent work and guaranteeing a high level of quality and progress in the students’ work.



  • A presentation on efficient supervision, including text feedback and questioning technique
  • Individual exercise on your expectations
  • Group work: What do you do that works?


Bring a concrete example of an assignment on which you have already given –or are to give – feedback.

General information

Target group

All lecturers at Aarhus BSS – whether you already have experience with group supervision or you would like to try it out.


Workshop: 3 hours, preparation: 1/2 hour.

Number of participants



Campus Aarhus


Free of charge for academic staff at AU.


Danish or English depending on the participants.


Gitte Wichmann-Hansen


CTL also offers this workshop

As a tailor-made workshop or presentation for specific groups of supervisors or at events for academic staff in the departments at Aarhus BSS. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


This workshop can be requested as a 'tailor-made' workshop if you and 3-5 of your colleagues are interested or as a specially adapted presentation at academic events at Aarhus BSS.

Workshop responsibles/lecturers

Course secretary