Educational technologies for engaging learning activities


Digital tools are often used in today’s lectures and classroom teaching or as a prelude to the in-class session. The purpose of using digital tools is often to facilitate engaging learning activities that provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge. Activating more than 100 students in an auditorium or ensuring timely feedback to all students in small class teaching can be challenging. Digital tools are one of several ways to support a student-centric learning environment. The question is, what tools are available to teachers at Aarhus University and what is the best way to use them?  The objective of the workshop is to present, review and test the following tools:

  • Mentimeter
  • Padlet
  • Peergrade
  • Google Forms

After the workshop, participants are able to apply and explore the tools in their own teaching practice.


The workshop alternate between presentation and testing of the digital tools. First, the voting tool Mentimeter and associated student-involving activities such as word cloud, think-pair-share and peer instruction are presented in the first part of the workshop. Next, the digital bulletin board Padlet is tested to facilitate group work, and then Peergrade is presented to automate and facilitate peer feedback among students. Finally, Google Forms is presented to carry out tests and self-tests.


Before the workshop, participants must register as users at Mentimeter with an AU-license. Access this link and add AU-ID (e.g. AU458834) in the  username.

General information

Target group: All teachers at Aarhus BSS.

Scope: 5 minutes preparation, 2 hours workshop

Number of participants: max. 12 

Venue: Campus Aarhus

Price: The workshop is free of charge for employees at AU

Language: The workshop will be held in Danish or English depending on the participants needs.


This workshop can be requested as a 'tailor-made' workshop if you and 3-5 of your colleagues are interested or as a specially adapted presentation at academic events at Aarhus BSS.

Workshop responsibles/lecturers

Tobias Alsted Nielsen

Educational it consultant

Workshop secretary

Julie Lykke Facius

Member of Administrative Staff