Workshops for teachers and instructors

Aarhus BSS uses the learning platform Blackboard, which accommodates a digital learning environment for each course. In these learning environments, teachers can distribute teaching materials, send messages to students and engage students in online activities.

Blackboard for new teachers


The workshop focuses on some of the first challenges faced by teachers, student instructors and secretaries when they start working with Blackboard.
You will acquire basic knowledge of how the system is structured and how to navigate it, so that you can start using the system on your own.
Teaching alternates between instruction in Blackboard and hands-on exercises.


  • Introduction to the Blackboard front page
  • Customising 'my institution’
  • Organising ‘courses’ by semester
  • Using ‘my Blackboard profile’
  • Uploading materials for students
  • Sending messages to students
  • Organising the menu structure for a course
  • Managing student presentations and student assignments
  • Copying or moving course content


General information

  • Target group: New employees, including teachers, student instructors, secretaries and others who need basic knowledge of Blackboard
  • Scope: Workshop itself: two hours
  • Venue: Aarhus Campus BSS.
  • Price: The course is free of charge for employees at Aarhus BSS
  • Number of participants: Min. 5, max. 20 participants
  • Language: Danish and English

The CTL reserves the right to change the programme and the language of instruction (Danish/English)

Blackboard for new employees (in English):

Purpose/ Content

In this workshop we focus on some of the first challenges that a teacher, instructor or secretary can face in Blackboard.
The aim of the workshop is to provide insight and skills in the use of essential functions and tools of Blackboard.
The workshop combines instruction in Blackboard and hands-on exercises.


  • Blackboard overview (My courses, Settings options, Blackboard profile)
  • make the course list in My Courses/My institution more manageable?
  • edit my course site - is there a template for my department?
  • how to use ‘my Blackboard profile’
  • edit my course site
  • how to upload teaching materials to students?
  • send a message to my students
  • re-use of materials on various classes/courses and from previous semesters


General information

Target audience: All employees at Aarhus BSS that teach: professors, associate professors, assistant professors, part-time teachers, PhD students, and student teachers

Scope: 2 hours workshop

Number of participants: 5-20

Venue: Campus Aarhus BSS

Price: The workshop is free of charge for employees at Aarhus BSS

Language: Danish / English

CUL reserves the right to change the workshop programme and language of instruction

Blackboard for student instructors (in Danish)


The purpose of the workshop is to give you insight into how you can build a well-organised course site in Blackboard. 
You will learn about tools, and how you can customise your course site. We will cover most of the activities/topics listed below. Focus on each activity/topic will be accommodated according to the participants’ wishes.

The workshop consists of brief presentations followed by hands-on exercises. Therefore, it is important that you bring your own PC.


Part 1. Navigation

  • General introduction to existing course template(s).
  • Pedagogical organisation of the course and course design (examples of current designs).
  • Menu structure and redesign of course template: Sub-heading, Separator, Content area for new pages, Links (internal and external).

Part 2. Course content 

  • Upload content to the course site: create folders or learning modules, files or items. Upload photos, video clips in an item. Create table to manage the content of a course site.
  • Upload materials for students, upload multiple files in one operation (zip).

Part 3. Reuse

  • Reuse (copy/transfer) materials between folders/classes/courses.
  • Copy and reuse from previous course.
  • Send messages/e-mails to students.

Part 4. Collaboration

  • Blog, wiki, diary and discussion forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing, e.g. a blog for managing student presentations.

Part 5. Assignments and tests

  • Create assignments and feedback on assignments in the Grade Center.
  • Develop tests, various types of questions and reuse of existing questions.
  • Create groups: Group sets, Enrolment, Smart view, Tools in group work.


  • Bring the curriculum and course catalogue for relevant courses.
  • Participants should bring their own laptop computer (PC/Mac) and have access to (Self-service) and Blackboard

General information

  • Target group: Newly appointed student instructors/student teachers with student knowledge of Blackboard
  • Scope: Workshop itself: two hours
  • Number of participants: Min. 4, max. 15 participants
  • Venue: Aarhus Campus
  • Price: The course is free of charge for employees at Aarhus BSS
  • Language: Danish

The CTL reserves the right to change the programme and the language of instruction (Danish/English)

Get your course sites ready for a new semester

How to build a user-friendly course site and how to save time by reusing and adjusting previous course sites, templates and content, and how to quickly and easily copy and move course materials.


The purpose of this workshop is to help you make your course site ready for a new semester.

You will gain insight into how you can build user-friendly course sites adapted to your way of teaching, and how you can reuse materials from previous courses and adjust the existing design.


Presentations by the CTL and hands-on exercises:

  • General principles for setting up a course site
  • Change of layout
  • Examples of good Blackboard pages
  • Application of principles for good course site setup on your own Blackboard page
  • Structuring content in folders and learning modules
  • Managing student presentations, including sites where students can upload materials
  • Reusing materials from other courses
  • Copying from a previous course


  • Participants should bring their own laptop computer (PC/Mac) and have access to (Self-service) and Blackboard

Also available as

This workshop is also available as a commissioned or ‘tailor-made’ workshop or as a presentation for teaching teams or at academic events at programme, department or section level at Aarhus BSS.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

Workshop responsible/teacher

Tobias Alsted Nielsen

Educational it consultant

Workshop secretary