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Assessors’ WISEflow



Since WISEflow was first implemented at Aarhus BSS, a wide variety of adjustments and new functions have been released, many of which can make annotation, marking and student feedback procedures easier for the assessor.

The workshop focuses on the different tools, functions and settings in the WISEflow assessor and marking tool, and we will demonstrate the system´s comment features and automation features that can be used in the awarding of marks.

Teaching alternates between instruction in WISEflow and hands-on exercises.    


  • Introduction to the WISEflow frontpage
  • Customization of profile, language and notification settings
  • Assessor tab and access to exam flows and papers
  • Different flow types
  • Assessor tool: how to highlight text, make annotations, drawings, comments
  • Sharing individual and general comments with participants and/or co-assessors
  • Overview and printing of annotations and comments/summary
  • Own assessment and registration of final marks
  • Correction of marks
  • Filtering of papers based on coassessors
  • A combination of more exams 


Participants must bring their own laptop (PC/Mac) and ensure they have access to (Self-service) and WISEflow (through WAYF or NemID/keycard)

Guidelines for WISEflow:

General information

Target audience: Assessors and reviewers who need basic knowledge of the functionalities in WISEflow 

Scope: Two-hour workshop

Number of participants: 5-20 

Venue: Campus Aarhus

Prerequisites: General IT skills 

Price: The workshop is free of charge for employees at AU

Language: Danish / English


This workshop can be requested as a 'tailor-made' workshop if you and 3-5 of your colleagues are interested or as a specially adapted presentation at academic events at Aarhus BSS.

Workshop responsibles/lecturers

Workshop secretary

Julie Lykke Facius

Member of Administrative Staff