We are offering webinars on an ongoing basis

Webinar on how to facilitate online meetings in Zoom

Try out the video conference tool Zoom in a safe environment and get good advice on how you can use Zoo to facilitate supervision and teaching activities - in the lecture theatre or the classroom - without losing touch with the students.

You will learn:

  • What to prepare before meeting the students

  • How to prepare the students

  • How to interact with the students

  • How to avoid the typical PowerPoint mistakes

  • How to use Zoom when supervising and teaching students - in the lecture theatre or in the classroom. 

Webinar on how to record your presentations and PowerPoint slides

Get an introduction to the different ways you can record yourself and your presentations, and find out how to share the video with your students. We will also give you our recommendations for your script, the length of the video and much more.

You will learn:

  • How to record your own presentations and videos

  • How to structure your video

  • How to time the video

  • How to share the video with your students

  • How your students can record their own videos e.g. their presentations. 


The webinars will take place on an ongoing basis.

Please write to culsupport.bss@au.dk if you would like to participate and tell us which webinar you are interested in. Then we will send you an invitation to the next webinar.