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Value and effect of continuing education for teachers

Whether continuing education for teachers takes place in a formalised framework or in more informal learning environments, it is important to document, as far as possible, the development that - hopefully - takes place. At the CTL, this is done in at least two ways. Firstly, we measure the effect of seminars, workshops and courses via primarily qualitative methods, and report examples in research articles. Secondly, for individual sparring and supermentoring with written feedback, we can prove the effect in the cases that concern a process with several observations so that there are two or more documents with written feedback.

Selected publications

Lauridsen, K.M. & Lauridsen, O. (2018) Teacher capabilities in a multicultural educational environment: an analysis of the impact of a professional development project. International Journal for Academic Development 23 (2). DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2017.1357557

Lauridsen, K.M. (forthcoming) Change happens through people. European projects as continuous professional development.