The brain and learning

Over the past 20 years, the research field 'mind, brain and education' has provided much new insight into how the brain learns. However, until the release of 'The Brain and Learning' in 2016 (see below), the amount of work on how this knowledge can be put into practice - not least in a university context - has been very limited and has lacked system and structure.

Within the field of ‘The Brain and Learning' as it is pursued at the CTL, it is important to make the theory widely accessible and to convert existing knowledge into practice. An important side-effect is also that it can have ramifications for neuropsychologically based reasons for many of the aspects revealed by data-driven research and designs for how different didactic/learning problems can be solved ('how').

Ole Lauridsen

Lektor Emeritus

Selected publications

Lauridsen, O. 2016. Hjernen og læring. København: Akademisk forlag.

Lauridsen, O. 2017. Læring i Praksis. Århus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag.