There is broad consensus that feedback is a powerful tool for student learning. However, it is not quite clear what counts as feedback. The academic environments at BSS are experimenting with different types of feedback. Many of these are based on large classes and therefore there is a certain distance between the teacher and students. 

At the CTL, through research we seek to identify feedback practices and their implications for the students’ engagement in feedback. The research is based on literature studies and qualitative investigations.


Bente Mosgaard Jørgensen

Teaching Associate Professor

Selected publications

  • Investigating Non-Engagement with feedback in HE as a Social Practice. / Jørgensen, Bente Mosgaard (under udgivelse). Tidsskriftsartikel.
  • Korrektiv peer-feedback som læringsaktivitet./  Jørgensen, Bente Mosgaard 2018. I: Lykkes peer-feedback altid?: 4 perspektiver på et undervisningseksperiment på jura. / Stenalt, Maria; Lassesen, Berit; Naur, Eva; Jørgensen, Bente Mosgaard, symposium. Dansk Universitetspædagogisk Netværks konference 2018
  • Investigating Student Feedback Practices in HE with Practice Theory. / Jørgensen, Bente Mosgaard, Aarhus Universitet 2016, Working Paper
  • Effect of feedback? The use of semantic network analysis – the case of the teacher training course goonline. / Jørgensen, Bente Mosgaard; Alsholm, Anne-Mette; Blok, Rasmus. ICED 2014,  konferencebidrag.