Student engagement in technology-supported learning activities at Aarhus BSS

Purpose/research question

The purpose is based on follow-up research on teaching initiatives involving learning technology at Aarhus BSS. One objective is to provide local knowledge of teachers' use of learning technology at AU and students' experience of these situations. Another objective is to produce research results that address A) learning outcomes of technology-supported teaching and learning, and B) factors that affect student engagement and participation in technology-supported activities.


Since 2011, Aarhus University has focused strategically on educational IT. Such a large investment raises questions such as: To what extent can learning technology meet the objectives of the initiatives such as to improve student-learning outcomes? The PhD project was launched in 2016 to examine different aspects of this.

Data and analyses

The project consists of several subprojects, and it has collected data using qualitative interviews, observations and systematic review.

Conclusion (if finished)

Status: current