Inspiration Day: From upper secondary education til Aarhus BSS

Thursday 23. May 2019

Good teaching meets the students where they are, academically, technically as well as pedagogically. Yet, the question is - do we actually know who our students are and how to organise teaching that meets their needs?

Per Andersen, Vice-dean for Education invites all lecturers to an Inspiration Day with the title From upper secondary education to Aarhus BSS Thursday, 23 May 2019.

The day begins with three inspiring presentations. First, you will get the chance to hear the principal of Hjørring Gymnasium, Elsebeth Gabel Austin talk about what characterises students attending upper secondary education right now. Second, associate professor Peder Østergaard, Department of Economics and Business Economics will describe the students enrolled at Aarhus BSS. Finally, the last speaker is associate professor Mogens Dilling-Hansen, Department of Economics and Business Economics, who will talk about organising a large number of students into study groups to ensure commitment and retention. 

After this, the inspiration day offers two workshops. You will get ideas on how to organise courses for first-year students or the opportunity to discuss a new report about causes of stress among students at Aarhus BSS.

The short presentations and workshops will be held in Danish or in English, depending on who participates.
After the workshops, lunch will be served in Stakladen.


A programme for the day providing an overview of presentations, presenters and workshops etc.

Description of workshops

Track 1: Workshop on first-year teaching. How can we plan our teaching in the first year so that it addresses the challenges of the first-year students?  Pernille Maj Svendsen (Science and Technology)
New students are faced with a lot of surprises. How they interpret and manage what they see and experience at the beginning of their studies, has implications for how they act in the course of their studies. It is important that we help the students so that their expectations are realistic, and so that they are able to handle the surprises they face. In this workshop, participants will hear what we know about what works, and which themes we should address with the students in the first year.

Track 2: Workshop on the report Causes of stress among students at Aarhus BSS. What can we do as lecturers and course responsibles? Anna Bager-Elsborg (CTL)
Students at Aarhus BSS become more and more stressed. Or it looks as if they do when one considers the results of the AU study environment surveys. A recent report has mapped some of the reasons for this by interviewing students from Aarhus BSS. In this workshop, we will discuss these results and what we can do as directors of study, lecturers and administrators in order to alleviate this higher level of stress among the students.

Date and time

Date: 23. May

Time: 8:30 - 13:00

Registration deadline: 15. May 2019

Generel information

Venue: Richard Mortensen stuen, Studenternes Hus, Fredrik Nielsens vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C. 
Lunch: Stakladen, Studenternes Hus
Price: Participation is free of charge
Seats: Limited number of seats which are allocated on a first come, first served basis
Language:  The presentations will be in English. The workshops will be conducted in Danish or in English, depending on the participants' needs.

Event Organizers


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Questions regarding practical matters:

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