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Inspiration Day: Evaluation as a tool for development

How can course evaluations and evaluation data be used optimally at Aarhus BSS?

Tuesday 29. May 2018 

Vice-Dean for Education Per Andersen invites all teachers at Aarhus BSS to an inspiration day on course evaluation

Course evaluation data can be used to identify both the strengths and the challenges that affect students’ learning processes and learning outcome. That's why it's important that we, as university teachers, use our course evaluations actively when we plan and develop courses.  

You now have the opportunity to be inspired by colleagues who have used their course evaluations actively and learn more about what evaluation data can tell us about Aarhus BSS. The program includes concrete examples, practical workshops and insight into evaluation data at aggregate level.   We will focus on how teachers, teacher teams, course coordinators, study boards and directors of study can use course evaluations actively to develop teaching and improve students’ learning outcome.  The inspiration day starts with a presentation about what we can tell about the students' experience of the overall teaching quality at Aarhus BSS, based on aggregated evaluation data. This presentation will also contain examples of factors which can possibly influence students’ experience of learning outcome.  

The presentation will be followed by two workshops where you can discuss your own experiences and get inspired by colleagues who will share how they have used course evaluations in their course planning or you can explore the numerous analysis options offered by evaluation data. Each participant can attend one of the two workshops, which are conducted in Danish or English, depending on the needs.   The workshops are followed by lunch in “Riddersalen”. 

Description of lecturers and workshops

Presentation: Torben K. Jensen, CTL:

Evaluation data have a lot to say, especially when they are collected from 2 years of course evaluations and linked with data from the study administration systems. This will be the focus of Torben K. Jensen’s presentation. He will also present analyzes which may answer some of the questions that are often asked when talking about course evaluation. For example: To which extent do expectations, feedback, good dissemination, structure, interest in the subject, work effort, team size and subject area affect the experience of learning outcome?  And to which extent does the student's own work influence the experience of learning outcome? These are a few among many questions that will be sought answered.   


Workshop 1: Development of teaching based on one’s own evaluation reports

Berit Lassesen, CTL (facilitator), Eva Naur Jensen and Henrik Bech Seeberg (Lecturers at Aarhus BSS)  

There are many different types of teaching and teaching structures at Aarhus BSS, so how can you use information from the course evaluation to develop your course?

This will be answered by two lecturers. They will tell us how they used the information from their course evaluation to further develop their teaching. There will also be an opportunity to uncover more angles and interpretations of your own data and discuss these with colleagues before making conclusions and drawing consequences. Bring your report and be inspired by your colleagues.  

Workshop 2: Evaluation data, statistical analyzes and ratios as development tools

Introduction and short presentation by Torben K. Jensen, CTL and Mustapha Ali El-Ahmad, CTL, Carsten Bergenholtz, Anne S. Binderkrantz and Bo Sandemann Rasmussen, (Teachers and Study Leaders at Aarhus BSS).

The potential of evaluation data is huge and now it is possible to link evaluation data with information about the students, eg which education they are enrolled in, gender and age. Based on summaries of available variables, the workshop invites a discussion of which analyzes can be actively used by teachers, course coordinators, study boards and directors of study in their work to support student learning. During the workshop, the goal is to formulate and prioritize a number of research hypotheses and analysis strategies that can contribute to data-generated development of teaching at Aarhus BSS.

Generel information

Venue: Riddersalen (Building 1323, Bartholins Allé 10, 8000 Aarhus C

Price: Participation is free

Seats: Limited number of seats which are allocated on a first come, first served basis

Language:  The presentations will be in English. The workshops will be conducted in Danish or in English, depending on the participants.

Event Organizers

Berit Lassesen

Associate professor

Line Krog Heltoft

Project Coordinator (Maternity Leave)

Mustapha Ali El-Ahmad

Senior Evaluation Consultant and Analyst


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Questions regarding practical matters:

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