Blended Learning conference

Aarhus BSS

Blended Learning conference

For all teaching and management staff at Aarhus BSS 

26 November 2015 at Comwell in Aarhus


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Description and purpose

If blended learning offers so many advantages, why is it not already an integral part of all courses? This is the question, which Dr. Ron Owston will shed light on in his keynote speech on 26 November when Aarhus BSS is hosting a conference at Comwell Aarhus.

A successful integration of technology-supported teaching activities in and between classes requires a strategy, specific tools for lecturers as well as motivated students.

The conference is aimed at all teaching and management staff at Aarhus BSS. The purpose of the conference is to discuss the best way to implement blended learning into the teaching both strategically and in practice.

Dr. Ron Owston, acting dean of York University, Toronto and blended learning researcher, will start out by offering his answer to the question:

If Blended Learning Offers So Many Advantages, Why Are So Few Institutions Adopting It? 

This is followed by three specific examples of blended learning at Aarhus University. The three presentations focus on lectures, on large-class teaching and on the strategic considerations related to implementing blended learning in a whole degree programme.

Lunch is followed by four tracks: 1) feedback, 2) Blackboard, 3) Engaging Learners, and 4) Strategy.

These four tracks are divided into two sessions. The first session aims to inspire and provide examples of blended learning practices at Aarhus BSS. The second session consists of workshops giving participants the opportunity to work with the topic of the track in direct relation to their own teaching.



Registration and coffee


Welcome and aim of the conference


Keynote speech: Dr. Ron Owston, dean of the Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto


Examples of blended learning at AU:

Per Andersen (LAW) 'Digitisation in law courses', Line Schmeltz (BCOM) 'From classroom teaching to large group teaching – experiences from the first year', Niels Lauritzen & Bjørk Hammer (MAT) 'Calculus'.













Real-life examples from Aarhus BSS

  • Caroline Adolphsen (LAW)
  • Anna Karina Kjeldsen (BCOM)
  • Anne Bøllingtoft (MGMT) 

Real-life examples from Aarhus BSS

  • Sarah van Mastrigt (PSY)
  • Morten Valbjørn (PS)
  • Antoinette Fage-Butler (BCOM)

Real-life examples from Aarhus BSS

  • Anna Piil Damm (ECON)
  • Lise Heeager (MGMT)
  • Mads Leth Jakobsen (PS) og Claus Thrane (MGMT)

Round table on the strategy of blended learning at Aarhus BSS           

  • Dr. Ron Owston


Coffee break



Methods for classroom feedback

Blackboard functions which consolidate the learning process

Methods for teaching that activates and for learning

Workshop: Implementation of Blended Learning at Aarhus BSS


The conference finishes

Keynote speech: Dr. Ron Owston

If Blended Learning Offers So Many Advantages, Why Are So Few Institutions Adopting It?

Ron Owston, PhD

Dean of Education, York University, Toronto, Canada

Research tells us that blended learning has much to offer students, faculty and the institution, yet its adoption rate is modest compared to fully online courses.

This presentation will draw on Dr. Owston’s experience as a researcher having conducted various studies on blended learning in undergraduate programs, a faculty member having taught using the blended approach for many years, and his experience as an academic administrator having developed institutional e-learning policy.

He will begin with an overview of what the term blended learning means and how different institutions interpret the term. This will be followed a discussion of the advantages and limitations of the approach from the perspective of students, faculty and the university.

As part of this discussion he will share findings of his own studies and those of other researchers with respect to student perceptions, learning outcomes, effectiveness of different blends of online and face-to-face classes, and faculty opinions.

Dr. Owston will conclude with an overview of his own institution’s efforts to scale up blended and online learning in his own Faculty as well as across campus. General conclusions will be drawn to help institutions develop and implement their blended learning strategies.

SEE RON OWSTON'S PRESENTATIONfileadmin/CUL/Dokumenter/Diverse/Rons_slides.pdf.

Track and workshop descriptions

The purpose of the four afternoon tracks is to inspire and to embed this inspiration into the participants’ own work. Thus each session contains a number of presentations by lecturers at Aarhus BSS who reveal how they apply blended learning to consolidate and further develop their teaching and learning activities.

The second session is an actual workshop where participants work on how to implement the activities into their own teaching and develop specific activities together - facilitated by members of the CUL staff.

Track 1: Feedback

Students learn more if they receive feedback along the way. Either from the lecturer or from each other. A number of technological tools can be used to consolidate the feedback process. This track presents examples of how feedback has been integrated into the teaching at different departments.


The workshop focuses on central concepts and methods in relation to good feedback, and the participants develop and qualify a feedback-based activity for their own teaching.

Facilitator: Bente Mosgaard

Track 2: Blackboard

Apart from functioning as a “post office” facilitating the contact between the student and the lecturer, Blackboard can also function as an online learning environment. This track presents how lecturers have applied the functionality and possibilities of Blackboard in practice.


The workshop focuses on how the participants’ Blackboard pages can be further developed into being more than a “post office”.

Facilitator: Tobias Alsted Nielsen

Track 3: Engaging Learners

This track illustrates how different strategies can be applied to activate the students in class and help them work with the academic material in between classes.


The workshop focuses on different strategies for teaching that activates through the use of technology, and participants work on designing an activity for a future course.

Facilitator: Linda Greve

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Track 4: Strategy

This track is mainly aimed at directors of studies, department heads and other management staff at Aarhus BSS. The purpose is to address the challenges related to developing a strategy for blended learning at a faculty such as Aarhus BSS. In the first session, Ron Owston will contribute with his knowledge on how to implement blended learning strategies in business schools.

The workshop focuses on a discussion of the elements related to a strategy for blended learning at Aarhus BSS.

Facilitator: Torben K. Jensen

Date and registration


  • 8:30-15:30


Invitation letter will be send to all teaching and management staff in week 39.

Target group

  • All teaching and management staff at Aarhus BSS.

General information

  • Venue: Hotel Comwell Aarhus, Værkmestergade 2, 8000 Aarhus C
  • Price: Free of charge 
  • Seats: limited number of seats which are allocated on a first come, first served basis
  • Language: Danish and English


Comwell Aarhus is centrally located in Aarhus city center within walking distance from the train and bus stations.

For a fee of 100 Dkr, it is possible to park in the garage below the hotel (limited number of parking spaces)(in and out the same day). For the same price, it is also possible to park in the parking garage in Bruun's Gallery. Pull a parking ticket and have it validated and settled at the hotel before departure (do not insert credit card when entering the parking garage).

The hotel is also easily accessible by bus, if you choose to leave your car at your workplace.

Find your way: The map shows the way from Aarhus Railway station (hovedbanegården) to Comwell Aarhus.


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