Inspiration days

The CTL organises inspiration days on topics related to teaching at Aarhus BSS. The purpose of these inspiration days is to help teachers to organise and run their courses in new ways, and to create a forum for exchanging experience across the entire faculty.

The inspiration days typically last half a day and are free of charge for Aarhus BSS staff. The programme always has a practical focus and includes presentations by teachers at the faculty.

If you are a teacher at Aarhus BSS and you have an idea for an inspiration day theme, please contact the CTL. 

Coming events

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Previous events

Thu 23 May
08:30-13:00 |
Inspiration day: From secondary education to Aarhus BSS
Do we actually know who our students are and how to organise teaching that meets their needs?
Thu 22 Nov
08:30-13:00 |
Inspiration day: Exam forms
Vice-Dean for Education Per Andersen invites all teachers at Aarhus BSS to an inspiration day on exam forms on Thursday 22. November 2018.
Tue 29 May
08:30-13:00 |
Inspiration Day: Evaluation as a tool for development
How can course evaluations and evaluation data be used optimally at Aarhus BSS?
Thu 09 Nov
12:41-12:41 |
Inspiration day: Explore the possibilities of small group teaching
Center for Teaching and Learning hosts another inspiration day
Thu 04 May
09:00-13:00 |
Inspiration Day About Ways to Improve Your Lectures
Lectures are the most widely-used form of teaching at Aarhus BSS. For a lecture to work, it must be inspiring, activating, relevant and student centrered. This is the theme of this spring’s inspiration day.
Tue 29 Nov
08:45-13:00 | Studenternes Hus, Fredrik Nielsensvej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C
Inspiration day on thesis supervision and the study progress reform
Supervisors and directors of studies at Aarhus BSS are invited to participate in our inspiration day about student supervision. The purpose of the conference is to provide specific ideas and solutions as to how best to organise and carry out thesis supervision under the current strict time frames, which have been created as a result of the new study progress reform.
Thu 22 Sep
08:45-13:00 | Studenternes Hus, Fredrik Nielsensvej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C
Inspiration Day on student engagement and preparation
CTL invites you to participate in our inspiration day about student engagement and preparation. The event is for all lecturers, directors of studies and boards of studies at Aarhus BSS.
Thu 26 Nov
08:30-15:30 | Hotel Comwell Aarhus
Aarhus BSS Blended Learning Conference
Take part in the conference on technology supported teaching 26 November 2015 for all teaching and management staff at Aarhus BSS.
Fri 02 Oct
08:45-13:00 | Campus Aarhus - Studenternes Hus
Effective feedback inspiration day
CUL invites all teachers, directors of studies and study board members at Aarhus BSS to effective feedback inspiration day.