Paperless exam

Exams have become digital in the most literal sense of the word. No more circulation of exam papers, task descriptions on paper and assignments submitted “by hand”. Aarhus BSS uses the WISEflow system to manage oral and written exams, informal and formal tests, on-site exams and take-home assignments.

Local administrators and teachers can compile and combine different exam options in WISEflow. For example, a multiple-choice exam can be combined with a written assignment. There is an option for students to write in a closed system that only allows access to a text editor, to the exam assignment and to selected tools and white-listed websites. As an assessor, you can comment on exam papers, share comments with co-examiners and provide feedback to students. Furthermore, assessors can also make their own assessments and register final grades.

The CTL offers assistance on how to set up an MCQ exam and select types of questions, and we can advise on the subsequent comprehensive statistics options and the possibility for automated grading, as well as on the benefits of using the assessor tool.