Video production

From technique to pedagogy

Video is one of the most effective ways to cover academic content online. It is also ideal e.g. for going step-by-step through the use of computer programs. By using video in the classroom you give the students a better basis for working independently with the subject outside the classroom, for discussing the subject related topics in the classroom and for training computer skills.

Video, thus, can be used for a many purposes and we can help you utilize its potential. As a teacher, you can get support for everything - from recording to the pedagogical use of video. In our Media Lab we produce professional videos for you so that you can focus on content rather than technology. We handle all the technical aspects from recording to finishing the video. Read more about our Media Lab. However, if you want to be able to produce videos yourself, we can help you use different tools.

We can also support you in developing your teaching by the use of video. For example, you can work with a "flipped classroom" where the content is presented on video outside the classroom/lecture hall. Time in the classroom/lecture hall can then be spent on exercises, student presentations, feedback on assignments, review of computer programs, etc.

The CTL offers to produce videos for you in our Media Lab, help with self-productions and develop courses with video is an integral part. We also organize video presentation workshops.

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