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The multicultural learning space

Diversity in the multicultural learning space

Diverse – Multicultural – International. Why is it sometimes so difficult? How do we move forward?

Internationalisation of Higher Education is multi-facetted and may have different meanings depending on who one asks. For some it means teaching through English, for others it is more encompassing and covers the curriculum and intended learning outcomes, the content of the individual courses, and the way they are taught. And the way all students learn together!

Whichever way you look at it, students have different cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds, depending on where they have lived and gone to school before their studies at Aarhus University. Here they are expected to learn together in a multicultural learning space (physical classroom or virtual space).

Lecturers often experience some difficulties when teaching very diverse groups of students – issues arise because of students’ diverse backgrounds and expectations: Group dynamics, concepts of teacher and student roles, language capabilities, … Continue the list yourself.

Others find it difficult to define internationalised learning outcomes for their study programmes or courses.

If you or your colleagues want to develop your programmes or encounter problems when teaching diverse student cohorts, we at CTL will be able to help you move forward.

The AU Teacher training programme for assistant professors address opportunities and challenges when teaching diverse student audiences.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers tailor-made workshops for groups of lecturers, study boards, programme directors, etc., just as we offer assistance to individual lecturers.